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Shenzhen Anpo Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd is a company specializing in smart glasses and micro display modules, has many years of experience.


Shenzhen Anpo Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd was built in early 2014 in Shenzhen China .


Excpet the excellent goods, ENMESI know very well that the good service is also very important.

our team

As one of market leader for smart glasses, ENMESI has some professional teams to serve the worldwide client.


ENMESI main reserch and development products include integrated solutions for VR/AR smart glasses,micro display modules,head mounted displays,2D/3D smart video glasses, FPV goggles, visual training glasses and night vision glasses.


We can customize the display module and driver board according to customer requirements. In recent years, researchers have developed a variety of different micro-display products to meet market requirements. Micro display module, which can be divided into monocular and binocular, providing high definition display. It can be used in smart glasses devices, industrial medical video display and military etc.


Since its establishment, ENMESI has always adhered to the principle of “Quality First, Integrity First”. With professional R&D technology, quality assurance and first-class service, its business has developed all over the world and has won the trust and good reputation from most of the customers.


We can customize the smart glasses according to customer requirements. Through multiple set of sensors and accurate algorithm, the virtual information seamlessly superimposed on the real word, the portable smart Glasses give you a newly experience.

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china latest news about FHD 3840*1080 HDMI AR Head Mounted Display OEM & ODM
On May 11, 2022
Product Description Product model V20 Model Type Birdbath Resolution 1920*1080*RGB Material Si-OLED(Silicon-based organic light-emitting diodes) FOV 41° Dioptor 0~-500° Interpupillary distance 63.5mm Luminance 2000nits Interface HDMI 2.1, USB 2.0 Contrast 100,000:1 Fresh rate 75Hz Speaker 2 speaker ...
china latest news about 3200*1600 Resolution 3D Glasses, HDMI Head Mounted Display
On August 26, 2021
Product features 0.21 inch screen size 1000 inch virtual size, true VR experience 68 ° FOV Lightweight and portable, no pressure to wear Create no pressure wearing experience to meet long-term use HD giant screen,the resolution is 1600*1600*2 HDMI interface, simple and convenient Diopter adjustment ...
china latest news about A Micro Display Module For Smart Glasses
On October 15, 2019
This micro display module is a 1.8 cm (0.71inxh) diagonal, 1920(RGB) × 1080 dots active matrix color OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) panel module based on single crystal silicon transistors. The module integrates panel driver and logic driver, and achieves smaller size, light in weight and ...
china latest news about HDMI Interface 1000Inch Head Mounted Display
On August 26, 2021
The head-mounted display has two eyepieces, each with a resolution of 1600×1600, and the combined vision of the two eyes has a resolution of 3200×1600. And it can adjust the diopter (0-700 degrees), users can use it better, and it also solves a significant problem of head-mounted displays "vertigo". ...
china latest news about 1000 Inch VR 3D Glasses Are Coming!
On December 30, 2020
Product details Display Screen: IPS Screen size: 2.1 inch Resolution: 1600*1600*2 Diopter: 0~700° adjustable FOV: 68° Interface: HDMI Product features It is a head-mounted display composed of an IPS display with a screen size of 2.1 inches. It has dual display screens and can present a giant screen ...