May 11, 2022

FHD 3840*1080 HDMI AR Head Mounted Display OEM & ODM


Product Description


  • Product model V20
  • Model Type Birdbath
  • Resolution 1920*1080*RGB
  • Material Si-OLED(Silicon-based organic light-emitting diodes)
  • FOV 41°
  • Dioptor 0~-500°
  • Interpupillary distance 63.5mm
  • Luminance 2000nits
  • Interface HDMI 2.1, USB 2.0
  • Contrast 100,000:1
  • Fresh rate 75Hz
  • Speaker 2 speaker
  • Button Brightness control,2D/3D switch,Volume control


Product Features


  • This AR glasses are lightweight and thin. Humanized temple design, no pressure to wear, can be worn all day.
  • Using Birdbath module, the light transmittance of the OLED screen lens is higher than 85%, which can be used indoors and outdoors, and the FOV is 41 degrees. 1920*1080p*2 super high resolution for clear viewing.
  • HD 2D/3D display. 
  • Mega Screen, 143-inch mega screen at 5m distance.
  • There are 0-500 degrees of myopia adjustment, which is convenient for people with myopia.
  • Brightness up to 2000nits, can be used outdoors.
  • Supports 3D left and right formats, bringing you an immersive visual experience.
  • Support multiple platforms,compatible with majority mobile phones、PC、Switches and other electronic devices.




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