December 30, 2020

1000 Inch VR 3D Glasses Are Coming!

Product details


  • Display Screen: IPS
  • Screen size: 2.1 inch
  • Resolution: 1600*1600*2
  • Diopter: 0~700° adjustable
  • FOV: 68°
  • Interface: HDMI


Product features


  • It is a head-mounted display composed of an IPS display with a screen size of 2.1 inches. It has dual display screens and can present a giant screen visual effect when watching movies. Its resolution is 1600*1600*2, which is non-grainy and comfortable to watch. The picture is clear.
  • It has a large screen with a virtual size of 1000inch.
  • It has a 68° field of view, and watching a movie is like in a theater.
  • The head-mounted display can adjust the diopter, the adjustment range is 0-700°, which is suitable for people with myopia.
  • It adopts a magnetic mask, and the material is very soft, which fits the face.


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