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0.38" VR Glasses LCOS OLED Display Module 720P For 3D Glasses

0.38" VR Glasses LCOS OLED Display Module 720P For 3D Glasses

VR Glasses LCOS OLED Display Module

0.38" LCOS OLED Display Module

720P 3D Glasses Display Module

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Product Details
Display Pixel Pitch:
Module Size (L×W×H):
15.0 X 20.0 X 9.7mm
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7 work days
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Product Description

Display 0.38 Inch VR Glasses LCD LCOS OLED Display Module 720P
LCOS Technology
LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) is a new type of reflective MICRO LCD projection technology. Its structure is on a silicon wafer, using a semiconductor process to make a drive panel (also known as CMOS-LCD), and then grinding it on the transistor through grinding technology. It is flat and plated with aluminum as a reflector to form a CMOS substrate. Then the CMOS substrate is bonded to the glass substrate containing the transparent electrode, and then liquid crystal is injected for packaging testing.
An array of CMOS and storage capacitors are integrated on a single crystal silicon wafer, and the drain electrode is connected to the pixel electrode through an opening, and the pixel electrode is made of aluminum as a reflective electrode. To prevent strong light from irradiating the channel, a metal light-blocking layer is added. The other side of the substrate is a glass plate with ITO electrodes. The liquid crystal layer cell is very limited by the pixel size, and the cell thickness is generally a few microns. The front projection of the LC0S has a large magnification, and a spacer with a thickness of the control box cannot be used in the display area, or a spacer with a thickness of less than 2 microns can be used.
The basic principle of the LCOS projector is similar to that of the LCD projector, but the LCOS projector uses the LCOS panel to modulate the light signal emitted by the light source to be projected to the screen. The biggest difference from the LCD projector is that the LCD projector uses the light source to wear Modulation through LCD is a transmissive type, while the LCOS projector uses a reflective architecture, so the light emitted by the light source does not penetrate the LCOS panel, which is reflective. The LCOS panel uses CMOS chips as the circuit substrate and reflective layer, and then the liquid crystal layer is coated and packaged with a glass plate.
Product Details

Display MaterialLCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon)
Screen Size0.38"
Pupil distance
Exit Pupil
Eye Relief (Effective)

Product Characteristics
Using Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS)advanced technology
Small 0.38 inch binocular display module: 1280 *720*2
Diopter can be adjusted (-700~700 degrees adjustable), suitable for myopia
Interpupillary distance can be adjusted (58-68mm), can be adjusted to the most suitable interpupillary distance for the user,can watch better
High contrast
Wide color reproduction range
High-speed response
Light and lightweight
Power-saving function
Suitable for any immersive electronic devices. For example: VR devices,head mounted display,smart glasses,visual traning glasses, ect.
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