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0.7 Inch Binocular Micro Display Module 3000 Nits OLED Display For Smart Tourism

0.7 Inch Binocular Micro Display Module 3000 Nits OLED Display For Smart Tourism

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0.7 Inch Binocular Micro Display Module 3000 Nits OLED Display For Smart Tourism




Theare are the following solution:



Smart glasses application service solution --  Smart Tourism



Display Details


Resolution Full-HD 1920*1080
Display Material OLED
Screen Size 0.7"
Quantity binocular 1 screen
FOV 51°
Pupil distance 63mm(Fixed pupil distance)
Eye relief 15mm
Exit pupil 8mm
Brightness 3000 nits
Distortion 0.76% (Pincushion distortion)
Frame Rate 60Hz
Number of colors 24bit (16777K)
Supply voltage +5VDC
Current <200mA
Number of pairs 24bit (16777K)
Size 37mm * 33mm
Weight 9.5g




Technical Points Of Application Of Smart Glasses In Smart Tourism


  • Identification technology:through image algorithm, the computer vision combined with sensors can identify the ticket code / Certificate / scenic spot sign / image painting / cultural relics, and display the corresponding scene information.
  • AR function: calculate the position and angle of the camera image in real time, and overlay the corresponding digital information technology such as text, image, video, 3D animation and model in real time, combining virtual with real.
  • Human computer interaction: free hands, close eye display, bring new mobile audio-visual experience through touch panel / voice interaction / gesture interaction / head control / button mouse / glasses assistant and other human-computer interaction methods.
  • Remote sharing: hands free, the first perspective, remote audio and video real-time transmission at the front and rear end, presenting real scene to the remote end (1 to 1 / 1 to many), realizing real-time online sharing of real scene.



Smart Glasses Live Telecast Real-time Sharing

Through WiFi / 4G / 5G network, the front and back end can realize real-time audio and video communication and scene sharing. People (front end) who play can present the local customs of the first perspective in real time and share them with family and friends (back end, real-time viewing through mobile phone / tablet / computer / binocular smart glasses, etc.)


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Application Cases
The tour of cultural and creative art museum
  • Visitors wear smart glasses to watch art / cultural relic pictures, objects, culture, art / cultural relic history and other information in the form of virtual and real interactive experience.
Tour of cultural relics/ folk culture
  • By wearing smart glasses, when tourists arrive at the corresponding position for indication, they will watch the scanning indication images through glasses, which will show lifelike 3D images and provide rich instruction guide for tourists.
  • It can also provide tourists with 360 degree panoramic image guide at the scenic spot, providing a higher sense of immersion.
  • In the designated place, smart glasses can also provide tourists with 3D stereoscopic images of ancient scenes, covering the actual environment, feeling profound.
In depth tourism and display of special skills
  • Wear smart glasses to watch the car, including carbon fiber body, engine parameters, operation principle, tire parameters, tail wing and other details.
  • Through video / audio / 3D virtual image, tourists can actually understand the coffee cooking steps, etc

Theme park/ intangible cultural heritages reappearance

  • AR smart glasses and enhancementReal technology, vivid representationOriginal appearance of theme park / monument non-cultural Heritage(3D animation / audio and video, etc.)



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