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Flexible AR Smart Glasses AMOLED 1080P Display VR FOV 84 Degree 64G ROM 3D Video Type

Flexible AR Smart Glasses AMOLED 1080P Display VR FOV 84 Degree 64G ROM 3D Video Type

augmented reality glasses

augmented reality smart glasses

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Product Details
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Operation System:
Android 5.1
Quad-core Cortex-A17 Up To 1.8GHz
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Flexible AMOLED 1080P Display AR VR FOV 84 Degree 32G ROM 3D Video Smart Glasses



Product introduction


It combines natural imaging optics, miniaturized low-power hardware, and a user-friendly look and operation.

a.The optics of natural imaging not only protects our eyes and gives our eyes energy, but also uses AR technology to allow our eyes to see content that we would not have seen, seen, and inconvenient to see, and that could put us through paper, The information and information of electronic files are presented in our eyes.

b.The special hardware part not only reduces the volume of the product, guarantees personal safety, but also can work for a long time.

c.The humanized appearance and operation mode, makes it more convenient to use, more practical, more like a part of our body.




Product details


Product Model E625
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A17 up to 1.8GHz
GPU Mali-T764
WIFI 5G,802.11 b/g/n/a/c(AP6255)
Bluetooth Ver. 4.0
Operation System Android 5.1,Nibiru AR 3.0
Display Material AMOLED
Resolution 1920*1080
FOV 84°
IPD 62mm
IR Sensor Yes
Battery Polymer Lithium Battery, 3.85V/4000mAh




Product features



1. AR glasses composed of 2 compact optical engines.

2. One of the high contrast 1080p image/video display via .

3. Power and HDMI cables will be attached for user's convenience.

4. Low power consumption and low-temperature devices.'
Flexible AR Smart Glasses AMOLED 1080P Display VR FOV 84 Degree 64G ROM 3D Video Type 0

AR glasses are mainly used in industry, logistics, transportation, tourism, education, military, medical, shopping and other aspects.

Recently, the new retail concept is booming, the Internet Shangdou actively transferred to the offline market. Enmesi AR Smart glasses can be said to be a good tool for online and offline fusion. Online, customers want transparent prices, can see product-related information without leaving the home. Online, customers want to be able to see and promote the same physical products, feel better into the store experience. For the retail industry, Enmesi's highlights include: Online retail experience, automotive interior recognition display program. Through the use of AR smart glasses, retail company store salespeople can through their own professional product explanation, video crawl to upload to the network, and support two-way voice calls, attract more consumers to see and listen, promote a large number of online customers to shop, all-round to help enterprises improve competitiveness and sales. And in the field of automotive interior sales AR Smart glasses can provide consumers with the first perspective to observe the interior accessories, so that consumers no matter where they are in the car, better choice of car interior, to buy.


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