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HD Monocular Micro Display Module , Customized Flexible OLED Display Module

HD Monocular Micro Display Module , Customized Flexible OLED Display Module

amoled display module

micro oled display module

HD Monocular Micro Display Module

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Product Details
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37mm *33mm
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HD OLED Monocular Micro Display Module for AR, VR Glasses,FPV Goggle, Night Vision



Product Introduction:


      The microdisplay was came into being to cut down the customer development time and reduce development costs. The display contains a  micro-display chip with1pc XGA pixel, and the image drive control circuit.


      The display features high quality image with the resolution of 1024 * 768 pixels, and with a quite small size. Which allows the display can be easily and largely applied to the design of the user in the product development.


      The display is mainly designed and used in: military helmet display, military display kit, portable night vision device, medical equipment framing, infrared thermal imager framing, laser sight imaging, soldier night vision system, game helmet, intelligent robot framing, computing imaging, distance education, FPV glasses, AV/VR smart glasses, etc.



Product Details:


 HDMI  can be customized
 Resolution  1024*768
Display Material   OLED
 Screen Size  0.5"
 FOV  46 degree
 Exit Relief  18mm
 Exit Pupil  8mm
 Supply voltage   +5VDC
 Current  <200mA
 Size  37mm * 33mm
 Weight  16g


Product Interface


The driver board has a CVBS signal interface, a VGA signal interface, and a custom HDMI signal interface.


OEM/ODM for Following Parts


1. can be customized digital RGA interface, AHD analog HD interface, SDI analog HD interface.

2. Superimpose the battery power display icon and monitor the battery power in real time.

3. superimposed crosshair logo, the shape of the crosshair can be drawn as required, the position can be fixed or moved

4. through the serial communication protocol to achieve image brightness contrast adjustment or other functions.

5. can be customized with different specifications of the optical lens system.




It can be used as a display for


1. Military Helmet Display, Military Display Kit, Soldier night vision system

2. Portable night vision device,

3. Medical equipment framing,

4. Infrared thermal imager framing,

5. laser sight imaging, , game helmet,

6. Intelligent robot framing, computing imaging,

7. Distance education,

8. FPV glasses, AV/VR smart glasses, etc.





1. Composite video signal C-VIDEO (N/P system automatic identification)

2. standard VGA signal (800 * 600 1024 * 768 1280 * 720 resolution 60HZ refresh rate)

3. Optical system can be customized

4. Brightness and contrast can be adjusted.


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