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HDMI Helmet Head Mounted Device TFT LCD 50° FOV Display HMD Portable

HDMI Helmet Head Mounted Device TFT LCD 50° FOV Display HMD Portable

HDMI Helmet Head Mounted Device

Head Mounted Device TFT LCD

HMD Portable Hud Head Up Display

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Product Details
Dual Screen
2.6“, Virtual 850”
50 Degrees
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TFT LCD High Resolution 50 ° FOV Glant Screen Display HMD Ultra-light And Portable HDMI Input Helmet For Medicine


    The head-mounted display is also known as the glasses type display, and the mobile theater. The working principle is to enlarge the image on the ultra-fine display through the optical system (mainly precision optical lens), and then present the large-screen image in the viewer's eyes. Since it looks like glasses, so also called video glasses. Video glasses solves perfectly the contradiction between portable audio and video equipment and powerful ultra-portable electronic equipment, that is the contradiction between delicate volume and big display. Therefore, in the future, it will certainly be widely used more and more.



Product Details:


HDMI Yes, support HDMI input
Resolution 1280*800
Display Material TFT LCD
Screen Size 2.6", virtual 200"
Lens material Resin
Pupil Distance 60-70(mm), can be adjusted independently for left and right eye
Myopia diopter 0--500 degree, can be adjusted independently for left and right eye
Operation way Buttons
Size 170 ×57 ×76(mm)
Weight 365g



HDMI Helmet Head Mounted Device TFT LCD 50° FOV Display HMD Portable 0



Product Features


1.Humanized design,ultra-light and portable.The design of the headband,whether sitting,lying and standing,is a private theater with you.

2.High resolution TFT LCD (1280*800),better viewing results.

3.Can be based on personal pupil distance to fine-tune the distance of two lenses,improve the use of comfort.

4.Set HDMI and MHL in one,you can connect Blu-ray DVD,computer,MP5,TV,Xbox,PS2,android mobile phone(with MHL function) and other multimedia playback equipment.




1. Learning: Connect the course video to e Vision, give the child a completely closed learning environment,     solve the child's lack of concentration of the problem, improve the child's academic performance.
2.The game: Connect the PSP game console. You can clearly see the various items on the ground in the        game, increasing the fun and realistic effect of the game. Around the world, major manufacturers are            scrambling to develop virtual reality games.
   Video glasses are a very important and integral part of virtual reality Games: He lets you truly experience    the "immersive" feel in a "sealed" environment.
3.Mobile phone: connect 3G mobile phone.
   No longer have to worry about the Internet mouse can not find, look at relatives and friends of the image      blurred unclear.


4. TV: With TVB acceptance function, or directly with Mobile TV CMMB, DVB-T or dmb-th handheld digital       TV docking.
    Premier League, NBA, no longer have to worry about the division is basketball or head, Passion Sports.




5.Film and television: Connect MP4, MTV, concerts, the latest hit spicy thriller blockbuster, enjoy a complete     visual feast.



6.Medicine: With the development of medical science and technology, such as endoscopes and other              devices have been developed on a large scale, in order to facilitate doctors to watch and perceive, video     glasses have become an excellent display equipment.



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HD TFT LCD Smart Glasses Virtual Reality Helmet , 3D Head Mounted Device HDMI InputEnmesi is a professional solution provider for smart glasses integrated solutions in the fields of medical, education, industry, security, gaming and audio-visual entertainment. Its main research and development products include integrated solutions for head-mounted displays, 2D/3D intelligent video glasses, FPV aviator video glasses, VR/AR smart glasses, visual training glasses, night vision glasses, and micro display modules. According to the different needs of customers, Enmesi can provide customers with different solutions for smart glasses, providing OEM and ODM services.Enmesi has professional and strong R&D team, mainly providing software and hardware development and product ID & MD. Its products and solutions can be applied to various industries. Since its establishment, Enmesi has always adhered to the principle of “Quality First, Integrity First”. With professional R&D technology, quality assurance and first-class service, the company's business has spread all over the world and has won the trust and good reputation from most of the customers.




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