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1080p Resolution AR Smart Glasses , FOV 84 ° Augmented Reality AMOLED Display AR Helmet

1080p Resolution AR Smart Glasses , FOV 84 ° Augmented Reality AMOLED Display AR Helmet

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Product Details
Operation System:
Android 5.1,Nibiru AR 3.0
Display Material:
IR Sensor:
Polymer Lithium Battery, 3.85V/4000mAh
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Product Description

AMOLED Display High Resolution 1920*1080 Resolution Large FOV 84 ° AR Smart Glasses




Product introduction


It combines natural imaging optics, miniaturized low-power hardware, and a user-friendly look and operation.

a.The optics of natural imaging not only protects our eyes and gives our eyes energy, but also uses AR technology to allow our eyes to see content that we would not have seen, seen, and inconvenient to see, and that could put us through paper, The information and information of electronic files are presented in our eyes.

b.The special hardware part not only reduces the volume of the product, guarantees personal safety, but also can work for a long time.

c.The humanized appearance and operation mode, makes it more convenient to use, more practical, more like a part of our body.



Product details


Product Model E625
CPU Quad-core Cortex-A17 up to 1.8GHz
GPU Mali-T764
WIFI 5G,802.11 b/g/n/a/c(AP6255)
Bluetooth Ver. 4.0
Operation System Android 5.1,Nibiru AR 3.0
Display Material AMOLED
Resolution 1920*1080
FOV 84°
IPD 62mm
IR Sensor Yes
Battery Polymer Lithium Battery, 3.85V/4000mAh





AR glasses are mainly used in industry, logistics, transportation, tourism, education, military, medical, shopping and other aspects.



 Industry 4.0


    From mechanized industrial 1.0, and standardized industrial 2.0, automated industrial 3.0 then, till today's information and intelligent industry 4.0, virtually every industrial upgrade is a technological revolution focused on the cost and efficiency. Therefore, when we carry out and make the information visualization of Industry 4.0 true, the first thing we need to solve is how to intelligently enable "people" to fully exert their effectiveness in the manufacturing chain, so as to solve the problems of high operating costs and low work efficiency in business.

    Thanks to the development of augmented reality (AR), AR smart glasses were born. As a brand-new solution for intelligent equipment, real scene and digital content are superimposed in real time through AR smart glasses, presenting the required information (data, video, pictures, drawings, etc.) on the scene in the first perspective, such as real-time collected test data, the detailed operation steps, the record real-timely of the observation results, etc. The wearer can even be synchronized and guided by the experts who are not at the site via the remote video transmission.

    The maintenance of industrial equipment often requires the engineers to be there all day. But senior engineers can't stand by at any time. Once the failure occurs and cannot be eliminated in time, it will cause huge losses. Now, the worker only needs to wear smart glasses to get remote assistance from engineers. The staff can carry out the work while receiving remote instructions on the spot, and achieve the maintenance as the engineer comes to the site for repairs. With smart glasses and industrial maintenance solutions, maintenance personnel can also follow the instructions the glasses displays to learn the current workflow or perform the operation, so the manual or training is no need any more. Even the newbie can get started quickly. With smart glasses and identification solutions, the wearer aligns the glasses camera with the parts that need to be scanned. The smart glasses display information about the relevant parts and operation instructions, helping the wearer to quickly understand the corresponding information of the parts and positions, indicating the completion of the workflow, and liberation. Both hands significantly improve efficiency.

    With the development of industrial Internet of Things and big data, a large amount of data is generated in the production process. Currently, data is centrally monitored and managed through the data center. Through wearable smart glasses, data can be obtained and presented to users at anytime and anywhere on the job site.


1080p Resolution AR Smart Glasses , FOV 84 ° Augmented Reality  AMOLED Display AR Helmet 0

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Shenzhen Anpo Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in the early 2014 and established its own factory (Dongguan Zhiyingshixun Technology Co., Ltd) in Dongguan with a total area of over 1,000 square meters., and the brand "ENMESI" was registered in the same year.


Enmesi is a professional solution provider for smart glasses integrated solutions in the fields of medical, education, industry, security, gaming and audio-visual entertainment. Its main research and development products include integrated solutions for head-mounted displays, 2D/3D intelligent video glasses, FPV aviator video glasses, VR/AR smart glasses, visual training glasses, night vision glasses, and micro display modules. According to the different needs of customers, Enmesi can provide customers with different solutions for smart glasses, providing OEM and ODM services.




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