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Digital Binocular Military Night Vision Goggles Infrared With LED For Hunting

Digital Binocular Military Night Vision Goggles Infrared With LED For Hunting

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Night Vision Goggles Infrared With LED

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Product Details
Screen Size:
0.26" Virtual 58" At Virtual 2 Meters
640×480×3 Active Resolution(VGA)
Cell Size:
2.8×8.4um Dot Pitch (8.4×8.4um Square Color Pixels)
28 Degree
Exit Relief:
Exit Pupil:
Video Input/output:
Effective Visual Distance:
200m In All Darkness
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3-7 working days
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Product Description


Portable Binocular Infrared Military Night Vision Goggles Helmet for Hunting


         Binocular military night vision goggles (also known as night vision helmet) is a perfect solution for mobile computing, providing unique military-quality high-definition display,  ro-display; night vision goggles can be used for both eye viewing, VGA (640*480) pixel format, wide viewing angle of 28 degrees; the night vision goggles can choose standard AV IN port or PAL, VGA port.

        A night vision goggles is essential for a good hunter. This item is the eyes for hunters in the darkness.

It allows you see farer and clearer. Own a night vision goggles, to be a good hunter.


Product Details:


 Screen Size  0.26" Virtual 58" at virtual 2 meters
 Resolution  640×480×3 active resolution(VGA)
 Exit Relief  20mm
 Exit Pupil  12mm
 Video in/output  NTSC/PAL Auto
 Power  9VDC-12VDC
 Effective Visual Distance  lens 25mm, 200m in all darkness, infinity if in glimmer
 Camera Pixels  1.3MP
 Working environment  0oC-45oC, humidity up to 90%, no fog
 Storing environment  -20ºC-70ºC, humidity up to 95%, no fog






1. Hunting and nature observation at night.

2. All security operation sand Neighborhood watch.

3. Handling and fixing equipment in complete darkness.

4. Orientation and safety when sailing or trekking at night.

5. Allows you to see infrared beams that are invisible to the naked eyes.





1. Can be used as a terminal with standard AV signal output .
2. Compatible with all-standard (NTSC and PAL) Video signals.
3. Volume, Contrast, Brightness and LED illumination adjustment.
4. The eyes in the night, camera pixels of 1.3MP. The image will be colorful if in the shimmer, white if in the infrared, and the effective distance will be 2--200m in all darkenss. 
5. Switch to convert the external AV input and the CCD signal input working state.
6. With a 9VDC power adapter or with a LP1700 lithium battery (7.2VDC).
7. The image is colorful if with AV input, When in CCD mode, the image is  black-and-white if infrared light is working, and colorful if the infrared light is off.


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